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Coaching Career Training Program (Montreal)
New Career! – New Life! – New You!
Do you genuinely, passionately care about people?
Do you want to make a real difference in the lives of your fellow humans?
Do you have what it takes inspire people to “get up and go”?
Do you have a knack for teaching, instructing or clarifying?
Are you fed up with working for others?
Are you ready to be your own boss?
Are you finally ready to call the shots in your own life?
Do you want to set your own hours?
Do you want to increase your own income potential?
Do you want to have an exciting career AND life?
Then perhaps a career in coaching is for you!

Coaching is one the fastest growing careers in the world. The problem is, good coaches, like good coach-training programs, are few and far between, and training programs that are good are excessively expensive; or they take forever to complete. That’s why we’ve developed an intensive 3-day program designed to help you move confidently into your new career–in less time; with less money–than any other program available. We’re fast and affordable, and we’re better than good! Let us show you how we do it as we set you on your way towards your new career and your new life!

This powerful program isn’t just for new coaches; it’s also for established coaching/mentoring/teaching professionals looking to boost their clientele base, further grow their business, and discover innovative tools taught by no other coaching organization. This program is essential for anyone in the fields of Instructing, Training, Coaching or Mentoring, and absolutely indispensable for Entrepreneurs, Managers, Leaders and Sales Professionals looking to develop, progress and evolve their organization’s Vision, Mission and Culture to thrive in today’s challenging business world.

Whether you’re new to the field, or looking to break through your current level of success, we’ve got the tools you need to succeed. This firm but friendly “boot-camp” type program is as deeply intensive as it is tremendously informative. It’s intense and fast-paced, but please note; nobody will be left behind! In other words; you got this!

What You’ll Learn:
-How & Where To Begin Your Business
-Establishing & Growing Your Clientele
-Easy & Affordable Marketing Strategies (for you AND your clients)
-Innovative Business & Leadership Strategies (for you AND your clients)
-Effective Sales Strategies (for you AND your clients)
-Progressive Leadership & Management Tools (for you AND your clients)
-Cutting Edge Instructing/Coaching/Mentoring Tools
-Discover What Makes A Bad/Good/Great Coaching Professional
-Learn Your Legal Rights, Limits And Responsibilities
-Discover Vital Mistakes Coaching Professionals Make
-Learn What “NOT & NEVER” To Do
-Establish & Differentiate Your “Niche”
-Join us on Friday and begin building your new career on Monday!

Register TODAY and start your new career NOW!

Date: February 8, 9, 10 (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)
Time: Fri: 6pm-9pm / Sat: 10am-6pm / Sun 10:am-6:pm
Location: Across the street from Berri-Uqam Metro
Fee: Only $99.00 (Includes Taxes - Includes All Materials)
Tel: 514 * 667 * 2218  Ask for Jennifer (please no solicitation calls)


Saturday, October 27, 2018
​Speaking With Authority

                                                            The defining factor separating a true “speaker” from those who just “talk” is the ability 
                                                            to 'Speak With Authority'. Understanding precisely what this entails is a vital factor in                                                             effective and influential public speaking.
                                                            Whether you’re just beginning as a speaker, or you’re a seasoned orator seeking to
                                                            improve your skills, or you’d simply like to better express your ideas at boardroom
                                                            meetings or in your personal relationships, you owe it to yourself to make this
                                                            powerful event part of your journey.


Saturday, October 6, 2018
The Courage To Succeed

On our journey towards the fruition of our dreams and goals, we consistently hear much about the confidence, dedication and persistence required to succeed at any worthwhile endeavor, but rarely, if ever, do we hear anything about the actual COURAGE it takes to truly succeed.

Join us at "The Courage to Succeed” and discover how the link between one’s level of courage and one’s likelihood of succeeding at anything is directly and deeply connected, and, discover easy ways to tap into the courage that's already embedded deep inside of you. (All participants will receive a FREE copy of a 'Claude La Vertu' book.)

This event is professionally facilitated.
This event is NOT a sales initiative.
Nobody will try to sell anything to you or get you to join clubs or programs.

Out of respect for all participants and the venue, we request the following:
-Please RSVP
-Please honor your RSVP
-Please arrive on time so as to minimize distractions
-Please RSVP via email to ensure space at: SORRY - SOLD OUT!
Thank You!
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Do you merely "like the idea" of your dreams and goals, or are you truly committed to realizing them?
If the latter is the case, then you'll want you to join us!

SERIOUS & SEVERE SUCCESS STRATEGIES is a "Navy-Seal/Boot Camp" type seminar series providing truly Effective & Empowering Leadership, Business and Personal Development Strategies that actually work! We're friendly and welcoming, but we don't mess around, and we don't mince words, so if you're really, truly, SERIOUSLY ready to succeed, then join us!

The "Serious & Severe Success Strategies" seminar series is for those who are SEVERELY SERIOUS about SUCCESS in any realm; personal or professional. It's an opportunity to discover, grow, get empowered, and be surrounded by others who want you to succeed as much as you do. Whether you're looking to start a business, get rich, quit that addiction, drop the weight, shake that depression or anger or "life in limbo", then join us...if you dare!

WARNING: This is a SEVERELY SERIOUS HARD-CORE STRATEGIES GROUP! Whiners, moaners, complainers, blamers and victims are welcome to join (we can actually help break that cycle), but please note; this group is for people who are DEDICATED, COMMITTED and DETERMINED to achieving and attaining serious goals. As such, THESE PEOPLE (we hope you're one of them) are our priority, and it is for THESE PEOPLE that we've got some NON-NEGOTIABLE RULES in place.

Non-Negotiable Rules:
1 - Participants MUST absolutely RSVP in order to participate.
2 - Participants MUST honor RSVP or will be removed from group.
3 - Participants MUST be punctual; late-comers will NOT be granted entry.
4 - Phones MUST be shut off; no texting/calling during event.
5 - Participants MUST participate wholeheartedly (no time/space/energy-wasters!).

If you find these rules too harsh, then this is likely not the group for you. Anyone expecting the group and its facilitators to be dedicated to their success must also be dedicated enough to follow 5 simple rules.

NOTE: We realize this ad sounds tough, but we're actually really nice, sweet people who even give hugs when needed! You should also know:
-If you're afraid of joining us, that's okay; we'll help you work through that fear.
-If you're NOT afraid...You Should Be!

Ready!? Go!! Succeed!!!

(For Professional & Personal Development)

MONTREAL EVENT: Sat. Jan. 26, 2019  TORONTO EVENT: Sat. Feb. 9, 2019
TIME: 11:00am – 2:00pm

TICKETS: $10.00 - Reserve your ticket now! SPACES LIMITED!   SOLD OUT!

Easily 90% of today’s management and personal development practices are already outdated and will be completely invalid in 2 to 3 years from now; the remaining 10% to be completely obsolete within 5 years or sooner. Evidence of this lies in the fact that most current management models are already inadequate; something decipherable by observing the systematic spiraling decline of our national and global economy and the agonizing struggles and/or failure of most all businesses, and especially the difficulty to emotionally cope and advance in our personal lives. This is because we’re not only using antiquated business and personal development solutions from our previous century, but from two or more centuries ago.

As with the medical community–which takes 15-20 years to implement modern cures and progressive treatments–by the time the business world implements trendy business strategies, they’re already obsolete and can no longer effectively serve, inspire or motivate an ever-evolving workforce in an ever-changing world. Since current management strategies are barely effective today, and simply won’t cut it in 2 to 5 years from now; much less in the 22nd century, it’s vital to look toward what will work tomorrow, and begin using it today.

The SERIOUS & SEVERE SUCCESS STRATEGIES “22nd Century Leadership Strategies” event focuses on truly progressive leadership strategies for both business and personal development endeavors. This is an obscenely affordable extremely intensive 3-Hour seminar that should not be missed by any serious entrepreneur or business professional or individual looking to make serious changes in their personal or professional life.

This Powerful & Empowering event is presented by Author and Business & Leadership Strategist Claude La Vertu, and is the very same valuable, progressive, cutting edge Business & Leadership data he provides to successful individual entrepreneurs and large corporations alike to help them grow, evolve and succeed in an ever-developing/ever-evolving business world. DO NOT miss this valuable opportunity!

1 – Participants MUST absolutely 'RSVP' in order to participate.
2 – Participants MUST honor RSVP or will be removed from group.
3 – Participants MUST be punctual; late-comers won't be granted entry.
4 – Phones MUST be off; no texting/calling during event.
5 – Participants 'MUST' participate wholeheartedly (no time-wasters!)

RSVP through our MeetUp page or email
Please honor your RSVP
​1st come/1st serve - spaces limited - reserved tickets available now!

Dear Participants, Guests, Friends:
Please note that this is NOT a pyramid-scheme or multi-level marketing endeavor.
You won't be invited to join a sales program or sales-force; we will not sell you anything.
This truly is a Leadership Seminar.

MONTREAL EVENT:  Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 6:00pm.

              Are you SEVERELY SERIOUS about
Really, Truly, Absolutely 'MAKING IT HAPPEN' in 2019!?

Make "THIS" year "THE" year IT HAPPENS!

“How to 'get' and 'stay' INSPIRED, MOTIVATED and COMMITTED
to MAKING IT HAPPEN in 2019!

Please read what this group is all about so you'll know what to expect.
Please RSVP.
Please honor your RSVP.
Please be on time.
Please shut off your phone.
$10 – Includes coffee/tea/treats (1st Come - 1st Serve!)

576 Saint-Catherine East (Corner St-Hubert) Suite 207 (Buzz #207)
Wheelchair Accessible - Metro BERRI-UQAM
We look forward to serving you!
NOTE: We do not "mail" tickets
You will receive email confirmation
Please present your receipt at door
If you prefer to pay by email transfer
please email
before submitting payment
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