Claude is also Founder and Executive Director of the
     Conscious Affirmative Living Ministry (C.A.L.M)
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A planet of people living fulfilling lives.

To exemplify and instill the Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset
to empower people to live their ultimate life.
Claude La Vertu
M   E   N   T   O   R   I   N   G
M A S T E R M I N D   M E N T O R I N G   &  C O A C H I N G

Empowerment & Leadership program geared to attaining professional and personal goals
through the development of Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset principles.
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B U S I N E S S  &  L E A D E R S H I P  S T R A T E G I E S

                                    CLVPublishing produces and publishes literary works relating to health & 
                                         wellness, personal & spiritual growth, and business strategies. We also offer
                                         Speech-writing, Copy Editing and Proofreading services for professional and                                          independent authors and private events.
Whether you’re looking to motivate your sales team or develop a cooperative workforce, or  looking to achieve an intimately personal goal, we can help. Claude La Vertu Mentoring caters to corporate and individual needs. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you succeed.

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Reclaiming Superior Power & Authority Over Your Life

Sobereignty is a progressive Inherently Affirmative approach to healing alcoholism and addiction. Developed by Claude La Vertu, Sobereignty is a program for those who are truly ready to move beyond addiction. Our program is an empowering interactive support process, and is the only program dedicated to addressing and healing all addiction in an Inherently Affirmative manner, but also dedicated to the prevention of alcoholism and addiction. As such, the program is also for those who are merely “habituated” or “obsessed” with alcohol, substances and “addictive” lifestyles, and who wish to avoid the path of “addiction”. This unique program is only available through Claude La Vertu Mentoring.

Slim & Trim
A  L  L  I  A  N  C  E
The Slim & Trim Alliance is a progressive weight-loss and health-maintenance program developed by Claude La Vertu for those who are truly ready to attain their ideal weight and recuperate optimal health. This program is an Inherently Affirmative program which offers individual and group support based on a firm foundation of spirituality, logic, community and compassion. This program is only available through Claude La Vertu Mentoring.
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Omnist Movement
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Philosophy And Spirituality
C . A . L . M
Conscious Affirmative
Living Ministry

is a "Navy-Seal/Boot Camp" type gathering that provides affordable, truly effective & empowering Leadership, Business and Personal Development strategies that actually work!

If you're really, truly, honestly ready to succeed,
then get ready to take serious action!
Where you want to go is your business...
Ensuring your arrival is ours!
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