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Have you had enough of struggling with your weight?
Are you absolutely ready and truly committed to losing that weight once and for all?
How about joining a truly effective, affordable, utterly empowering program where there’s:

No buying expensive foods and supplements
No being forced into pyramid schemes
No painful exercise regimes
No calculating points
No weekly weigh-ins
No counting calories
No weighing food
No failing!

The Slim & Trim Alliance is a progressive health & wellness program for those who are ready to attain & maintain their ideal weight. We offer an innovative 'Inherently Affirmative' program providing individual & group support based on a firm foundation of spirituality, empowerment, compassion and community. We're now in Montreal for those who’ve tried everything else, or who just want to get it right the first time, and are ready to make it happen!

The Slim & Trim Alliance works effectively as a stand-alone program but is also entirely compatible with most other weight-loss programs. If your current program is working but you need something more; we can help!

-We are not a seller of multi-level marketing products or services.
-We do not sell food, vitamins, supplements, or weight-loss paraphernalia. 
-For confidentiality & security reasons, individuals cannot randomly “show up” to meetings (aside from open house).
-All participants must make an appointment with our facilitator prior to joining in order for us to explain our process and ensure that our program is an ideal fit for the participant.

In order to ensure the best possible value to all participants, we offer the following options:
(All prices include taxes)

Group Meeting Program

Package Purchase                    Deal        Savings           Purchase Breakdown
Per Meeting Cost                       $  25.00     $   0.00      1 Meeting   @ $25.00 per meeting (min. 12 meetings/single meeting not avail.)
3 Months Meeting Package     $200.00     $ 99.96     12 Meetings @ $16.67 per meeting (approx. $66.69/month when paid in full)
6 Months Meeting Package     $299.00     $301.00    24 Meetings @ $12.46 per meeting (approx. $49.83/month when paid in full)
12 Months Meeting Package*  $479.52     $720.48    48 Meetings @ $  9.99 per meeting (approx. $39.96/month when paid in full)

*12 Month Meeting Program includes 12 additional 1-hr 1-on-1 Sessions valued at $4200.00 (based on 12 sessions @ $350.00/hour)
This means 108 hours (48 2-hr Group Meetings = 96 hours + 12 1-hr 1-on-1 Sessions) at an overall savings of $4920.48
only costing you:
Per Hour
*When Paid in Full

*All packages must be Paid In Full in order to obtain Group Meeting Package savings.
*Meeting/fees non-transferable/non-negotiable/cannot be "carried-over" beyond membership timeline.
*All 1-on-1 bonus-sessions included in 12-Month Package must be redeemed within one year from date of purchase.
*Minimum purchase of 3 Months required for Group Meetings (single-month/single-meeting rates not available).
*Due to the nature of our group meetings, we do not offer group-meeting packages lasting less than 3 months.
*Due to the nature of our group meetings, we do not offer single/one-time meeting packages.
*Due to the nature of our group meetings, we do not permit visitors other than guest-speakers and presenters.

1-on-1 Session Pre-purchase Program
(1-on-1 Session lasts 60 minutes)

Session                                Deal             Price Per Session         Savings
Per Session Price:              $350.00            $350.00                      $0.00 (per session price)
4 Session Pre-purchase:   $400.00            $100.00                      $1000.00 (when paid in full)
8 Session Pre-purchase:   $500.00            $65.50                        $2276.00 (when paid in full)
12 Session Pre-Purchase: $600.00            $50.00                        $3600.00 (when paid in full)

*All Pre-purchase Packages must be Paid In Full in order to obtain savings.
*No minimum purchase required for 1-in-1 Sessions (available as 1-time session purchase).
*Session/fees non-transferable/non-negotiable/cannot be "carried-over" beyond membership dates.
*All 1-on-1 sessions must be redeemed within the package's allotted timeline or within one year; whichever is less.

Additional Discounts, Referral Recognition and Affiliate Programs
Because we’re not a sales-oriented organization, and because we do not train members to recruit other members, and, because we appreciate all referrals, we offer the following programs:

*Discounts for new members in groups of 3 or more. (2 of 3 members must not have been a member within previous year.)
*Referral discount credit extended to active members. (Can be applied retroactively to current membership or to renewal.)
*Affiliate programs for therapists, wellness practitioners, coaches, and just good folks who won't shut up about us!

Want details? Just ask!

(NOTE: Discounts cannot be combined. Discounts & Credits are non-transferable. All terms subject to change without notice.)


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you part of the more popular weight-loss companies or support groups?
The Slim & Trim Alliance is 100% independent from any health maintenance and weight-loss organization. We are a privately run business associated with Claude La Vertu Mentoring.

Are you part of a religious group?
A vital part of our program involves spiritual support, but we're not a religious group. Those that have no spiritual convictions are invited to apply the spiritual aspects of our program in a scientific 'conscious' manner.

Can I come and observe the group before committing?
Out of respect for those who are wholeheartedly committed to their healing process, and in order to protect their privacy, "visitors" are not permitted to participate. Those who are serious about - and committed to - attaining optimal health & wellness simply join wholeheartedly with a readiness and commitment to succeed.

I'm unable to join a group (or I don't like groups), is there a 1-on-1 program available?
Yes. A dedicated 1-on-1 program is available for individuals who prefer not to deal with groups, and for those who are unable to participate in groups for reasons including, but not limited to, physical and mental health issues.

Does this cost anything?
Yes. This is a private, closed group of individuals who are serious about health and healing. As such, all participants pay fees to participate. We are not a sales-oriented organization; we do not have quotas to meet. We are genuinely in the business of helping people who are truly ready to heal their own lives.

What makes the Slim & Trim Alliance different from all the other organizations?
Perhaps the most vital factor which separates us from typical weight-loss programs is our unique and effective Inherently Affirmative approach we take to healing. We are also NOT aimed at weight-loss; we are aimed at obtaining optimal health & healing. When optimal health & healing take place, ideal weight naturally happens.

How do I join?
The Slim & Trim Alliance takes great care in interviewing
its participants to ensure that all participants who wish
to join our program are in fact truly ready to commit to
change. All new prospective members must meet with
our facilitator prior to joining. If you're ready to make
the change and heal your life, contact us today!

Where are you located?
Toronto, Ontario,

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The Slim & Trim Alliance is a progressive health-maintenance program for those who are truly ready to attain their ideal weight and recuperate optimal health. Developed by Leadership Strategist, Claude La Vertu, the Slim & Trim Alliance is an 'Inherently Affirmative' program offering individual and group support based upon firm foundations of spirituality, logic, community and compassion.  This unique program is only available through Claude La Vertu.
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