A Message To Our New Participants

I'd never presume to know everything there is to know about achieving dreams and unbridled success, but, I can confidently say that, beyond hard work and determination, anything I've ever achieved has been the result of employing the very same principles I utilize to motivate and empower all our successful participants.
   The PowerMentoring Mastermind Mentoring Program is for anyone who has ever wanted to achieve any goal. It's a process that's profoundly effective, and once you've adopted the principles, they're yours for life.
   Whatever your goal, you can rest assured that I will personally make it my mission to ensure that your PowerMentoring success team gets you to where you want to go.

Claude La Vertu
M A S T E R M I N D   M E N T O R I N G   &  C O A C H I N G

Bringing Mentoring & Coaching To The Optimum Level!

Every book about wealth and success advocates that if you do not have a coach or mentor or mastermind group, you simply will not succeed. Every successful person credits a coach or a mentor "and" a mastermind group for their achievements. Whether your goal is to attain a CEO position, or to lose weight, or to get your business going - if you’re looking to succeed at anything - this is your golden opportunity!

In a world where just about everybody who’s ever read a self-help book is a self-proclaimed life-coach or guru, Claude La Vertu’s PowerMentoring concept stands alone. With several personal development books to his credit, and a myriad of seminars and conferences spanning countless topics including wealth, relationships, health, sex, spirituality, mind-science and more, Claude’s PowerMentoring process is about more than mere coaching; it’s about propelling people towards their greatest lives!

The PowerMentoring Mastermind Mentoring & Coaching concept is for people of all backgrounds and levels of education who are determined to turn their goals and dreams into reality. If you’re ready to take on a profoundly empowering, intensive  plan of action geared to catapulting you towards your goal, then welcome to our elite group of achievers.

More effective than just coaching or a success group:
Having a coach without being involved with a success team or mastermind group limits you to just a coach’s perception, and, being part of a success team without the benefit of a dedicated group mentor/coach can only, at best, bring participants to that group’s “average” potential - a detrimental factor considering that most any group's overall success rate is typically well beneath the group’s overall potential - not to mention that those who achieve less in groups typically hold back those who would otherwise achieve more.

Along with being truly empowered throughout your session, you will:
*Learn to accomplish more in less time and with use of less energy
*Strengthen your will power and determination (naturally)
*Learn to adhere to strict guidelines (and enjoy the process)
*Discover what others in your field don't do and why they'll never succeed
*Recognize how to make money without money
*Pick up many simple yet vital personal SELF-LEADERSHIP tools
*Discover how to balance your current job and your new business
*Deal with challenges working against your goal
*Learn who you need to follow and learn from and trust, and who to ignore
*Be supported by a group whose first dedicated priority is to ensure that you succeed
*Get personal one-on-one support outside the group to help keep you on track.

1) Have a clear goal: “I want to open a restaurant” or “be a recording artist” or “lose x-Lbs” or other goal.
2) Sign a confidentiality contract (to protect group and individuals' interests).
3) Be committed to ensuring the success of the group, and be ready to succeed!
-Maximum 10 Participants (ensures ample personal attention).
-All materials are included.
-Telephones must be completely turned off during meetings (NO EXCEPTIONS).
-Mandatory attendance of all 12 meetings (NO EXCEPTIONS).
“Mastermind Mentoring & Coaching integrates the compound influence of a mastermind group, the focused direction of a coach, and the empowerment of a personal mentor. In brief; it's a success regime on acid!"
~Claude La Vertu

      The next PowerMentoring sessions for Montreal & Toronto begin January 2019

Toronto - Group A (Sept. 9, 2020) 3-Months Wed. Evenings-1 Meeting per week 6-9pm
Toronto - Group B (Sept. 12, 2020) 3-Months Sat. Mornings-1 Meeting per week 9-Noon

Register Today! Email Here  (please contact us for pricing and to ensure availablility)

NOTE: If you’re uncertain as to whether or not this program is right for you, you can purchase Claude’s book The Success Companion: How To Succeed At Anything With One Key In One Year (Or Less), and if you decide to enroll, the price of the book (including shipping) will be credited. Book available at discounted rate through this link:

The PowerMentoring program is not a support group for emotional disorders. If you are dealing with emotional issues and would like to participate, please inform your healthcare practitioner, and inform our facilitator prior to registering in order that we may best accommodate your personal needs.
Claude La Vertu
M   E   N   T   O   R   I   N   G
B U S I N E S S  &  L E A D E R S H I P  S T R A T E G I E S
Where you want to go is your business...
Ensuring your arrival is ours!
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