Gays & The Gospel of Jesus Christ

There is an unfortunate and utterly deceptive viewpoint among many “alleged” Christians which implies that it is impossible to be gay and at the same time be a Christian. My response to this viewpoint is this: The love of Jesus Christ belongs to everybody! That is the only thing any Christian – gay, bi, straight or otherwise – ever needs to recognize. Anybody who does not embed this notion at the very foundation of their gospel is simply NOT a Christian. In fact, in all the whole entire history of Christianity, there has NEVER once existed one single solitary Christian who has ever oppressed another human being, or ever denied from another the love of Jesus Christ. It simply cannot happen! To preach the gospel is to preach love and nothing else.

The myopic perspective that suggests that gays are sinners and as such don’t deserve Christ’s love, comes from the same individuals who constantly preach that “all humans” are sinners and need to come to Christ for love and redemption. Well, if gays are sinners, then doesn’t it make perfect sense that they be encouraged to come to Christ? Let’s face it; if gays were already perfect and righteous, then they wouldn’t need Jesus, would they? What staggers my mind is that Jesus made it VERY clear that he wasn’t here for the righteous; he was here for the sinners (Luke 5:32). So, if gays are sinners (according to many would-be Christians), then gays seriously need Jesus; right? Well then, one cannot convince gays of Jesus’ miraculous and unconditional love by telling them that Jesus doesn’t love them. One can only sell Jesus’ love by boldly preaching about it, and that this omnipotent, unconditional love is available to them; right here; right now; without condition.

By working so hard to oppress gays, would-be Christians are robbing gays of Christianity, and as a result, further preventing the gospel of Jesus to be spread by those who are being oppressed. It must be understood that there is perhaps no greater abomination in the eyes of the Lord than to seek to deny the Lord from those (which is everybody; without exception) who need him. I place this outright and absolute abomination – this out-and-out sin – at the very forefront of the absolute worst of sins; molesting/harming children, and murder.

So you’re a Christian and you can’t understand how Jesus could love gays? That’s okay; the scripture “lean not into thine own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5) was designed precisely with your inability (or unwillingness) to understand things in mind. That particular scripture is the one to reference when you don’t understand something; including how Jesus will resort to loving the people to whom you – as a Christian – are supposed to preach the gospel (through words and acts of love; not through judgement, hate, oppression, shaming and denying God’s love from anybody). You might not understand how Jesus loves them, but the truth is, you don’t need to understand it in order to preach the gospel. Whether you understand it or not – whether you like it or not – Jesus already loves them! In fact, the understanding of the process of Jesus’ love can only be relayed to you through the process of preaching the gospel of Jesus’ love, in Jesus’ way: Lovingly. You simply leave the “understanding” of it in God’s hands while you preach love, and, miraculously, you’ll be given the understanding. If you’re truly doing it right, you’ll learn to love anybody the way Jesus did/does. The best part is, you don’t need to love them yourself in order to “get it”; you need only be WILLING to learn to love. That willingness alone will be a blessing on your life, and on your understanding of things, the moment you enter into that willingness.

I fully admit that I am one of the lucky ones. I do understand how Jesus did/does it. I understand His love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness. I understand because I’ve had to relay so much love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness (and have received it, too; from God and from humans), and nothing puts you in alignment with the understanding of how God does it, better than when you do what God does; and what He commands you to do: Love they neighbor as thyself”. I also understand because I have a deep and meaningful love relationship with the Bible and God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When a love relationship is so deep, one cannot overlook the beautiful Truth of it. Ultimately, beyond being loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving, and beyond my love relationship with the Bible, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, what got me to the point of understanding precisely how much Jesus absolutely and perfectly loves all people – including all gay, bi, trans-gender individuals – was due to my experiencing the healing power that comes with walking in/with/as Christ. Because of this experience (as well as my utter commitment to God) I get it. I understand that God simply cannot “not” love His children. Now that I know this, my job is to preach this gospel (through words and action), to tell people; regardless of who they are, or where they are, or what they’ve ever done, that they are loved – without judgement or oppression – and invite them; as my brother or sister in spirit, to join me on a journey of a lifetime. My job as a man who lives the teachings of Jesus Christ is to let God work through me. This job – this task – only ever gets accomplished when I’m speaking and acting in love. That’s the True preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The truth of the matter is, there is absolutely nobody who should be left out of the loving loop of understanding that Jesus loves them; loved for who and what they are, and where they are, right now. Nobody EVER has to get things right or become perfect or even take another step towards self-improvement in order to have a relationship with God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit or the Bible. In fact, it’s best to get that relationship started – NOW – before attempting to get things right or to change anything. That relationship takes the pressure off. It lightens the load. It makes the journey bearable. It enlightens our path; our consciousness; our way; our destiny. Best of all, as that relationship grows and the healing takes place, there’s a constant – and stronger – reminder each day of just how precious you are in the eyes of The Lord. If you’re truly honest, there will be days that you can actually hear God say, "I love you, my child...I love you so very, very much, now please tell those who cannot (or refuse to) hear me, that I love them, too...and show them my love; through your words; through your actions, through you..."

Perhaps it is a sin to be gay, and maybe Christian’s are wrong. The exact same science that’s showing us that Jesus actually did exist and did endure what He endured – and is the same science that brought me to believe in the teachings of Jesus – is the very same science that’s saying that the Bible actually says NOTHING about homosexuality – that it’s all been misinterpreted – and that homosexuality is a perfectly normal part of humanity. Whatever the case; if homosexuality is a sin, then gays need Jesus. If it’s not a sin, then gays still need Jesus, because the teachings of Jesus are so healing to those who’ve been misunderstood and abused and oppressed, and who need answers, and who need to learn how to forgive their oppressors. 

Over countless years, I’ve heard time and again the stories from people who’ve been rejected by Christians for all sorts of reasons; divorce, having children out of wedlock, illegal dealings, past experiences, sexual orientation, vices, habits, illnesses, and the list goes on. My first response to the people who tell me these stories is; you were NOT rejected or oppressed by Christians. One cannot be a Christian and judge or reject or suppress or oppress another person. It’s simply NOT possible. The ones who are suffering and are thirsting and hungering for the sustenance that will bring them to The Lord and nourish their lives, must NEVER be denied the gospel. The true voice of a true Christian is a true beacon of hope that speaks with, for, and as Jesus. It says “I love you”. It says “Jesus loves you”. It says “God loves you”. A Christian voice cannot possible say otherwise.

Regardless of whether or not homosexuality is a sin, Christians must preach the most loving gospel in the most loving way, otherwise, they’re simply not doing God’s work. If you’re not working for God, then you may want to ask yourself; for whom are you working? Here's a hint: If your gospel is not of love, then you're not working for God...

For Success, Marry Possibility to Probability...

Anything is possible. All – Anything – Everything. Any and every single thing or experience or attainment or achievement or whatever one can hope to…well, experience, attain or achieve, is possible. In fact, the percentage at which the possibility of you attaining your dream or goal permanently rests at 100%. This is not a misleading accolade intended to make you delusionally feel better about your seemingly near-impossible dream with your near-impossible starting point under your near-impossible circumstances. It’s fact!

I’m in the business of empowering people, not feeding them empty feel-good pleasantries. In a world of innumerable uncertainties, I want people to know that an actual, honest, bona fide certainty is that anything really is possible! It always has been and always will be. In fact, you should know that pure, uninhibited, omnipotent possibility is actually one of the countless intentions behind the very existence of all of creation, and said possibility is attached to everything and to all. As such, on your road towards whatever it is you desire to achieve, attain or experience, you need not give any mind whatsoever as to whether or not it is possible, because it simply is possible. In fact, at all times, you have zero control over, and zero say about, the possibility of your success. Believe it or not – like it or not, your success is always 100% possible.

With all concerns for possibility out of your way, you can now focus all your energy on that over which you do have control and do have say: Leveraging not possibility but rather probability for success in your favor. Where possibility dictates that anything “can” happen, probability dictates to what extent it likely “will” happen. Because possibility is naturally preset at a 100% default, we cannot control possibility, but, we are always in control of probability.

By virtue of our thoughts, feelings, perspectives, beliefs and actions, we control the probability of every outcome in our personal life, from our health to our finances to our relationships to anything else which we experience. By virtue of these very same acts, we especially control all probability in relation to realizing – or not realizing – our dreams and goals. Those who go farthest in life are the ones who already know this.  They are the individuals who place zero emphasis on whether or not something is possible (because they know it is possible) and place all emphasis on increasing their probability percentage. As they do this, they also place little, or no, energy on what that percentage looks like – 10% or 50% or whatever%. All their energy and attention is placed on just making it happen, until it finally does happen.

Whenever I speak publicly on possibility and probability at conferences and seminars, there’s always somebody who approaches me with their struggles or negative hang-ups surrounding their alleged failure, and who wants to know what I can say to encourage them (in spite of the fact I told them what to do when I spoke just moments prior). I begin by letting them know that they’re not at all a failure (which usually makes them feel better about themselves) and then I remind them that one cannot possibly fail at something which one has not wholeheartedly attempted (which usually makes them feel worse than they did when they initially approached me). I say this to them because I know that they could not have possibly failed at something which was already 100% possible to achieve had they given 100% of all they are to increasing their probability of succeeding to 100%. I don’t want them to feel bad about themselves; I want them to know that they are NOT a failure – that they simply did not do the job. My honesty is far more empowering to them in the long run than allowing them to believe that they are a failure; which they clearly are not. If you give your all (for real – no excuses, no stories, no lies, no wasting time, no procrastination, no arrogance) then you succeed. That’s how it works. That’s the rule. That’s the law!

If I were wrong about this, a certain 1970’s unknown black TV show host would never have risen above literally ALL the rest in her industry to become the Oprah Winfrey that her peers, associates and even enemies wish they themselves could be. In her humble, meager beginnings – at a time when “black” and “overweight” and “woman” (separately, much less together) was not commonly considered fitting for TV, Oprah never gave struggled thought about what was possible; she already knew it was possible.

What Oprah did – whether or not she knew it – was take what was merely somewhat probable and then proceeded to love and endure and tolerate and mold and learn and evolve and beat the hell out that pathetic 00.1% probability percentage until it eventually became 100% probable (with a generous side order of universal support). The same can be said for Bill Gates, Madonna, Celine Dion, Lee Iacocca – and a handful of other well-known personalities whom possess remarkable staying power and who “made it happen” during a time when one did not become famous for merely being popular; they had to actually work and sacrifice and make it happen. These people all have in common a very same thread; they themselves increased their probability for success.

The process of increasing one’s probability is a very simple formula. You make a decision, you take responsibility for the journey, you create a plan of action, you ignore what anybody has to say about it (unless of course it’s congruent to your success), you observe and learn from the best, you place a commitment to discipline at the forefront of each task, and you actually embody (become) that which you are endeavoring to achieve. In the midst of all this, you recognize that faith in yourself is the amalgamation of both “belief” and “trust”. Believing in yourself – or in that which sustains you – without trust, is not faith. Belief and trust are what faith is. Many people believe in themselves, but they don’t trust themselves. These are people with no faith in themselves. These are people who live in a fleeting fantasy world. These are the people who can’t succeed in the real essence of the word success; regardless of any fame or financial standing.

Underscoring all of this is one vital element: Showing up! Countless people want to be actors, singers, dancers, speakers and so forth, but they don’t show up to interviews and auditions, and then they wonder why no-talent individuals are holding positions and reaping the benefits and adulations they clearly don’t deserve. Along with performers who don’t show up are writers who don’t write, bakers who don’t bake, designers who don’t design, and a plethora of people who want to tell the masses how to live and what to do but don’t want to learn, or want to listen to what the masses want to learn or need to hear.

If you want to succeed, show up! Show up to every single talk, conference, seminar, expo, course, interview, audition or casting call, and/or show up to your desk or computer or shop and write or create, or at the very least, act on something – anything – that your mind is telling you to do. Do you really, really, really want it? Then show up! Show up! Show up! And show up entirely, wholly and absolutely, otherwise, just save yourself time, energy and frustration, and forget about it altogether, because the world is already full of people who show up only in part; if they show up at all.

If you’re reading this and feel you’ve given “your all” but see no real progress or results, then there is only one of two possibilities: Either you haven’t really given your all, or, you did give your all and things are happening and you just don’t realize it yet. If you feel you’ve given your all, then it means that you’ve not been watching mindless television, not been out shopping for things you don’t need, not been out getting drunk or stoned, not been eating your emotions, not been wasting time on social media or other online distractions, not been spending time with people who do not support you or hold you accountable for your desire (and actions) to succeed, not been giving your precious time, energy and/or money to your addictions and habits, and as such, you have in fact been giving “your all”. In that case, I can tell you; hang in there, step up your game (yes, increase your productivity AND become more efficient) because all that energy and effort is likely to pay off.

If, however, you’re honest with yourself and you recognize that you’ve not really, truly, honestly, authentically (really, really, r e a l l y) given your all, then you do know why you’re not where you want to be, and why your probability percentage nowhere nearly matches your 100% possibility percentage. If this is the case, simply regroup, take responsibility for yourself, and adopt the hardworking ethics of your real “ideal” successful you. With such a recipe, you can only ever succeed!

Simple advice to increasing your probability for success:

-Get educated: While many people in your field are generally happy with what they know (or they think they know it all) what can set you apart from the rest is your knowledge. Always keep learning!

-Stay inspired: You DO NOT need self improvement; your "self" is just fine, but in order to keep inspired, always have a success or personal development book on the go, and read it more than once, and do the work it suggests. Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” is by far one of the best success books out there, and anything by Anthony Robbins will keep you in the success-minded spirit. Martha Beck is also a phenomenal author, but  I’m not shy to prescribe my own book; “The Success Companion: How to achieve anything with one key in one year (or less)”, which actually comes with a true bona fide guarantee, that, if you don’t succeed with your endeavor in one year (or less), I’ll refund your book along with taxes and shipping (note: I will however grill you and rake you over the coals before I refund you, so have your documents, records, reasons, excuses and lies available for my amusement). Beyond books, listen to "inspirational idea" videos online; TED videos are a perfect example.

-Blog-learn yourself to success: Look for online promotional blogs related to your field, and do their suggestions; especially the suggestions which are repeated (because they work) and the ones that take the most work (because most people won’t do them and you’ll have more of a chance at standing out).

-No more excuses: Stop making excuses, stop procrastinating, and stop believing in your own lies. Your greatest idol or inspirational individual would never make excuses for not attaining their goals. You are not a spectator in your life; you are the lead role; the monarch; the star. Give yourself an interesting role, become the hero/heroine/idol in your own life-movie. Make it count and make it unforgettable!

-Be tough: Stop being so sensitive and stop feeling sorry for yourself. What you want to achieve takes courage and strength. If you cannot handle things now, how will you be able to handle things when you arrive at your destination? All the hard stuff is teaching you what you need to know, but it’s also toughening you up for the big league. This especially applies to anything anybody has to say about you and/or how they say it. Be strong!

-Believe you deserve it: Believe it because you actually “do” deserve it. If your dream or goal is authentically being fed to you by your authentic self, it means that you deserve it, and that you should pursue it, and that it is part of the reason you are here on the planet. It also means that, as long as you do your part, the rest will be handled for you.

-Have patience: Most everybody wants things to happen overnight. Instant gratification is as much responsible for the miracle of how quickly humanity is progressing as it's responsible for the unfortunate direction in which we’re progressing. There is a time for your success, and a very important part of your goal is the journey itself. Be patient and enjoy the process. You’ll get there; just get there in a manner that will keep you there.

Like every single thing in life, your success is YOUR responsibility. Nobody will ever want it more for you than you should want it for yourself – nor should it ever be as such. You have to want it for yourself more than anybody else does. God – Life/The Universe/ Whatever you prefer to call it – has provided the 100% possibility factor required for you to make it happen. It’s now up to you to increase, grow, and love the probability factor to its full potential, and marry it to 100% possibility.

In The Beginning...

Baffled. This, in their search for the answer the question of "where it all began" and "where did God come from?" is the state in which you will find even the most intelligent and seasoned of theologians and scientists alike, anywhere in the world. This persistent, frustrating and all too often excruciating baffled state is the result of one thing, and one thing only: The human concept of, and attachment to, linear time.

Linear time is a human concept. It was created for humans, and only humans truly experience linear time in the manner of which it was created to be experienced. Where animals may seem to exhibit the ability to "tell time" through their behavior – knowing when you’re going to arrive; knowing when it’s time to eat; knowing when it’s time to migrate or hibernate or copulate – what animals are actually doing is responding to the arrival of a moment. They do not plan to take action at an imagined later "time" our "hour". They live in the immeasurable moment. Without human existence, the concept of linear time would simply not exist in the manner of which it does, becasue it has been created for us; to serve us, our purpose and our experiences. Even the changing of the seasons does not subscribe to linear time in the same manner in which do humans. It just happens when the moment to do so arrives. Humans may plan for the following season, but the seasons do not plan to eventually arrive, or give way to another season. It's all a harmonious happening without any thought to consequences or timelines.

Humanity's insistence upon imposing the concept of linear time in their research into the great question of when or how it all began, is what keeps humanity from comprehending the simplicity of "when" and therefore "how" it all began. Within the realm of "absolute reality" (which does not subscribe to the confines of the "linear" time), the concept of "IS" is easily and perfectly comprehensible. In order to comprehend that which resides outside of linear reality, one must simply remove the concept of linear time from, and stop imposing the concept of linear time upon, the equation. Simply put, attempting to sum up "where it all began" by imposing the concept of linear time upon the equation is like attempting to arrive at the number 2 by adding together the number 1 to the letter W.

In our search to understand the greatest mystery of all time (the beginning) scientific research habitually tends to dwell mainly on the study of the creation and the development of outer space; where the universe as we understand it is considered to be God (or creative substance/energy). Insofar as research into outer space remains a vital key to discovering various facets of all of existence, outer space nonetheless remains just that; outer space. It is not “the universe” as is applies to God in God’s entirety. In fact, all of outer space - this “place” we consider to be “the universe” in all its entirely, is but an infinitesimally minute and barely significant mere fragment of the entirety of consciousness that is God.

To begin to think beyond limited human terms, one must begin think in omnipotent God terms. To do so, one must remove oneself from the confines of linear time perspective. Once humans remove the concept of linear time from God, or rather, remove God from the limitations of linear time, then it will be clearly understood how it is possible that God very simply has always been, and quite simply always Is.
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