A Spherical Perspective into the Betterment & Advancement of Humanity

In this beautifully executed compilation of innovative ideals, Claude La Vertu illustrates an honest approach to spirituality, life and science, and clarifies the Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset. With a motive to encourage humanity to advance to its greatest potential, GiraffeNeckSoup reveals thought provoking principles regarding money, success, religion, politics, children, relationships, world peace, sexuality, health, abortion and more, and it examines and exposes universal concepts such as the mind, the law of cause and effect, and the law of attraction.

The Success Companion
How To Succeed At Anything
With One Key, In One Year (or less)

The Success Companion outlines how, with one key, in just one year (or less), you can succeed at achieveing anything you wish to accomplish. Book includes questionaires and affirmative exercises geared towards success.
The Relationship Companion
A Relationship Introspective
Workbook & Journal

The Relationship Companion is an introspective guide and workbook for achieving, healing and repairing relationships. Book includes meditative exercises and therapeutic questionaires.
The Affirmative Companion
A Meditative Introspective
Workbook & Journal

The Affirmative Companion is a Users' Manual to help individuals understand the power of prayer, meditation and affirmations. Also includes effective affirmations, meditations and prayers for people of all faiths as well as meditative exercises and therapeutic questionaires.
Claiming & Maintaining
Peace Of Mind
A guide to attaining a perpetual sense of wellness

Explains how you can have peace of mind at any time, in any situation, and it offers tips on how to reach and to maintain a personal sense of wellness which promotes, invites, and attracts a true "peace of mind" state of being.  This is an essential read for victims of deep loss, violence, and/or sexual abuse who seek to make peace with the past once and for all and move on with a quality of living. Book includes exercises geared to personal growth and development.
Clairvoyant Being
Discovering your gift of Sight through Light
Clairvoyant Being: Discovering your gift of Sight through Light was developed to help those who wish to understand and stengthen their gift of clairvoyance, and to explain the purpose and importance of clairvoyance throughout humanity. A vital MUST READ for those looking to understand and/or improve their inherent intuitive abilities.
A LoveDare Story
A much anticipated follow-up to Claude's first novel, LoveDare, A Better Man is a truly exciting, heartfelt journey into the tumultuous life of an international superstar who takes on the LoveDare challenge several times over, and who pays the price and reaps the benefits that come with wielding LoveDare's awesome, divine power. From a very young age, Gabriel St. Germain was taught how LoveDare has been part of his family for several generations, and thus, he takes on LoveDare by embarking upon a personal journey of becoming a better man by doing all the things a better man would do to change the world for the better; all in the name of Love.
   From its turbulent first chapter to its unexpected, magical finale, A BETTER MAN - A LoveDare Story will keep you thinking, feeling and believing that all is possible, and it will remind you that love conquers all...
Claude's very first book; the novel "LoveDare" is a story about a wealthy real estate developer named Corin, who thinks he knows the meaning of success until one fateful night when he's challenged to take on  LoveDare; an act of selflessness that causes a ripple effect throughout his life and the lives of those around him. To fulfill the LoveDare challenge, Corin decides to care for a dying boy who's plagued with a painful past, but within days, he unexpectedly grows extremely attached to the child. As the hours pass, the boy's demise draws nearer, and as Corin changes his old ways, LoveDare changes his life, and in the process he learns about selflessness and the truest, purest, most honest meaning of the word, Love.
   Filled with emotion and an abundance of hope, magic and miracles, LoveDare is a story you'll want to cherish always.
             hether it's buisness, achieiving dreams & goal, or attaining peace of mind, the steadfast foundation from which all of Claude's books, seminars and conferences is derived is the Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset.
   Consious Affirmative Living is what Claude lives, it is what he does, and it is what he teaches. Whether you attend his talks, seminars and conferences, or participate in his PowerMentoring programs, or you read, study and live any of his books, you're certain to change your business, your life, and your overall perspective, for the better, forever.
   Claude's books are available through retailers worldwide and through this site.
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Also Available in eBook format
Also Available in eBook format
Also Available in eBook format
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Also Available in eBook format